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Mocha and Loki's new pen

Mocha and Loki's new pen - Guinea Pig Cages

Same as Fey and Sprite's, this pen is 5x3.5 grids. I refloored the bunny room and choose vinyl with lots of traction with them in mind.
Is this whole room for the rabbits?
These are very lucky rabbits indeed! Very neat place and nice toys.
Maybe a suggestion: If you make a room especially for the rabbits, you might even put something else on the floor, because this looks so slippery.
I think they love it more with carpet on the floor! (that rimes! Hihi!)
Actually, they do bunny 500's (full out races) across this floor no problem. It's much more textured than it looks. My rabbits would love carpet- for digging, eating, peeing on (two separate pairs of rabbits leads to lots of marking wars!). And it's really not healthy for them to eat carpet as it can lead to a blockage. I much prefer this.

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