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Mia and Pepper's new C&C cage

Mia and Pepper's new C&C cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I wanted to try mesh grids to see if they would keep the bedding from flying out. They do!
I wanted to get mesh grids, but I still haven't found a store that sells them around my area.
I could always buy online I guess, but it cost way too much that way.
But your right, it does hold in their litter a lot better and you can even lower the coroplast walls to give them a better chance to see what's going on around them.
Nice verticle hay rack. I made one myself, it's actually posted in the hay rack section in the photo gallery.
If you really wanted to get cavy crazy, you could add a second level to it with a ramp. It's not that hard to do, the only tricky part is making the ramp.
Other than that, nice cage, set up, and keep up the good work!
~Chris S.
Ooh, I'd love to lower the coroplast! Thanks for the idea. Their old cage did have a second level but I felt like the ramp took away too much space.
Thanks for the kinda words. :)
The bedding is kiln dried pine. I *love* the mesh grids! They can spin out all they want and the shavings stay in.
Wow! This is a neat-o cage! How many piggies do you have in there? By the way, where'd you buy the mesh grids? I've never seen them before, he he.
Whoa... why did my icon get messed up? It was a guinea pig, except it was more of a drawn guinea pig though... doesn't that count for an avatar?
I have two piggles in there. I got the grids from Linens N' Things. I loooove the mesh grids!

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