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Meimei and Beibei's Apartment

Meimei and Beibei's Apartment - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my first guinea pig and cavy cage experience, and after reading and lookinga around this website, this is the 2-storey 2*4 and 2*1 apartment that I've build for my girls! I've truly learned a lot from fello cavy parents, and hopefully you all can provide me with hints and suggestions to mak
Great cage and I LOVE the fleece!

And for the swinging doors you can use zip ties(a bit looser though). Then you keep the doors closed by velcro ties, cable clamps, those paper clip things or zip ties again(but that does get annoying cutting it every time).
wow, that's simple, how come i've never thought of it! now, Ihave to take out 2 pannels when I clean their cage, and they are not too thrilled by the sound of taking apart the cubes! Thanks Laura!
It is actually a lay of fleece, then sewn together with a 2 layers of cotton batting, they are VERY absorbent. BUT, I've slowly noticed that my piggies are now potty triained, they only go peepee in their 2 litter pans. The litter pans are lined with a layer of carefresh, then covered with a layer of their hay. So, everyday, I dump out the whole litter pan, wipe it with water, then i replace the carefresh and hay. They love to eat and poo to their heart content in the same time. I have 2 litter pans, and they still fight for their favorute potty!?!
I am renovating their vage a bit this weekend, come back and see the new photo soon!
Thanks for replying! Do you think one layer of cotton batting will still be pretty absorbant and how often do you wash it?

Did you you clip the fleece to the ramp from underneath??
well, actually at first, I had a hard time wuth fleece since the two of them always managed to dig themselves under the fleece! Now, even though I am a first time piggie mommy, from the pictures I've seen throughout the site, I've figured the pigs are usppose to go on top if the fleece, then I started to clip the fleece to the cloropast, then, the cage looked exactly like a Cavy Wash&Dry! However, I think they have figured that I am here to stay, and I bring them veegie & fruits, I am not that bad, then they've stopped digging!!!
The cotton batting I buy around here is extemely wide, 60" and folded over once, so it is actually 2 layers. I wash the bedding once a week now, becuase they've figured where to go potty. Before this, they used to pee everywhere, then I had to wash them twice a week.
Now, I just change theor litter pan and vacume their poopoo daily!
Good luck!
I also made them a cozy big enough for them, I got teh instructions posted by Furkidsmommy, I just used my leftover fabric and batting. Now, they rather lounge arund their huge cozy, then to dig under the fleece!
Good luck!
Ps. Instruction site
That's great - very neat and tidy! Good job! Although, one thing I was wondering...do your pigs not jump off the second level, over the coroplast?

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