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Meet Poofy & Hairballie
Princess Aurora

Meet Poofy & Hairballie - Guinea Pig Cages

These are Poofy and Hairballie ^^

Poofy is the brownie one, Hairballie, the one with the white forehead. Blesh!

Poofy is the cutie one, loves to cuddle with us and always very sweet, Hairballie is a rebel 100%, she always has to run for her life when The Hand aproches lol.

She is just a grumpy o
Those piggies are beautiful!! I'm getting one in 2 days (another female to go with Squirrel and Willow) and I hope I can find one as cute as these little guys. :)
They are so cute! Hairballie reminds me of my Dharma. She is a wild child too and runs for her life when I come near. Once she is on my lap though and getting brushed, she is happy as can be. :)

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