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Main level view of girls cage

Main level view of girls cage - Guinea Pig Cages

You can see more of the main level in this shot. There are 3 hidey houses, a cardboard tunnel, litter box, pvc pipe tunnel, patio brick, water bottle and assorted toys on the main level. There is one lone grid inside the cage that acts as a stabilizing grid for the 2 upper levels. I will be repla
I have those same "hidey houses". I bought mine from the Dollar General for a buck. The girls love them. Great cage!!
Your piggies are so cute! I love the white one! Cool cage! I gave mine pvc pipe and he didn't like so now I use a huge cardboard tube, I get from where my grandma works, and he loves it! He is always chewing it!
The white one is a himilayan and she has pink eyes. Her name is Charity Ball. She is a real sweetheart. She came from a rescue about 3 hours away from me.
I used to have a white abby with red eyes! He was so cute. Right now I have a albino rat, he is neat with those red eyes. By the way your other piggies are really cute too!

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