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Looking in.

Looking in. - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is a better inside view. I have found that my boys prefer the safe haven of directley under the ramp, hence the pillow. The box is used as litter, I was fortunate enough to find boys who like to keep their pee in one spot, unfortunatley they love to poo everywhere. It also collects the hay t
Are you worried about the piggies just diving off the side of the open ramp? I'm in the middle of trying to get a second story loft onto my C&C cage, and the ramp is giving me the most trouble. Plus, I have to make sure I can still change the bedding in the lower level, etc. So placement, incline, and sides/safety are all making the job harder!
The ramp is actually very wide (my boys are just babies). I have never had a problem with them jumping off, because they feel pretty secure on it. I have found in the past that pigs tend to jump when they are scared. The ramp has a few small holes drilled into the sides of it so I can zip tie it to the grids. I only use three so I can afford to cut them off everytime I clean out the cage. Hence I can just fold it up into the upper level, put the bedding down and zip it back down..
I think I worked mine out (I added a pic here today), but I opted for tying a grid along the side of the ramp. My one piggy tried to leap off the side the first time he went down it (I got my hand there in time and he went all the way down), so I don't trust him not to divebomb off the side!

Yes, we have tons of zip-ties too, although I'm using bread-bag twist ties on the side grid so I can untie it and swing it away, to bring the ramp up to clean the bottom floor. I tried the cleaning today for the first time and it worked fairly well. Only takes a few more minutes than the single floor cage did.
jump it
I really love the colors. Is the ramp a piece of wood with fleece strechted around it? Looks like that to me. But great job. Do they ever come close to the top level where there is a space by the ramp. I'm debating on making a ramp and second floor

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