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lilly's room

lilly's room - Guinea Pig Cages

this is my lilly's cage. she's free-range, but she goes in here to eat, use her litterbox etc. the newspaper is for when she eats, she can be messy sometimes. she has a neurological problem with her back left foot (like...her brain isn't connected to it) so she can't hop over the sides (or binky :
We don't know yet...it's not broken, so the vet says it's either neurological or just sore muscle. I'm hoping it's not neurological...cause that would mean her brain is starting to shut down....I'm supposed to go pick up some pain meds today for her, to see if those do anything...so we'll see...
im an aspiring vet, and i have a few questions
what exactlly is wrong with her foot, can she move it? or is she limping?

if shes limping that means its probably sprained

rather than neurological, it could be nerve damage.
no, she doesn't limp, she gets around quite well actually (just not jumping), she just carries it up slightly,which makes me think that it's not neurological, but the vet says nothing turned up on the x-rays, so...I don't know what to think...
i have seen that before in dogs, thay carry their foot, its usually a nerve, which requires surgery
It's a great little set-up; and bless her heart. I've got 4 rabbits myself, so I know about messy eaters. That's great that the litter pan has been cut down on the front for easy entry. I had to do that for my older male rabbit because he had a hard time getting in.
thanks ,guys. Lilly's doing fine, even with her leg. She certainly is fast enough (I can NEVER catch her!) ohh btw sorry about the low quality of the picture, I just noticed how hard it was to see it. I took it with my cellphone & my hand was shaking...
Nice cage. Neurological doesnt necessarily mean that her brain is starting to shut down (if so, it would be scarey for me as I have severe migraines and migraines are a neurological condition) I wouldnt worry much as long as she is getting around good and is pain free (she will slow down or stop eating and running around if she is in pain, there are signs) We have a rescue puppy that has underdeveloped hips and he is starting to get around a lot better now that we make him work his legs. If it is neurological, make sure you provide ramps and plenty of activities to make her work that leg. Best thing you can do for her. Make sure she doesnt start biting her foot also. Some animals do that and if it isnt stopped that have to amputate that leg to stop them from mutilating it. Most animals do fine with three legs. My rescue specializes in handicapped, neglected and abused animals. I hope these suggestions help and hope she gets better.

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