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Left side

Left side

This is the left side of the girls new cage. There is a 2x2 hayloft with a potty area under the back side.
The hay rack was just a grid that was bent into a semicircular shape then I added zip ties very loosely to each corner then hung it up with S hooks. The tunnel is another grid bent in half circle shape and I used small binder clips and attached fleece to it.

This is a cage I had a couple of years ago. It was my favorite of all my cage designs and when I get the space again, I want to build another cage like this one.
The ramp is a piece of pvc pipe that was cut in half lengthwise and small holes drilled in one end for attaching it to the grids with pipe cleaners.

As I noted previously, I haven't had this cage setup for a longgggg time.

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