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Left side under the Hayloft

Left side under the Hayloft - Guinea Pig Cages

You can see the 1x2 potty area in the back with pellet dish and water bottle. There is also a hammock and a futon in the front left corner.
What did you use for the potty area and is that working?? Mine go where they feel the urge:-(
It's just a coroplast tray with Critter Care in it. Critter Care is Wal-Mart's generic version of Carefresh.
It was actually very stable. Not that your opinion or rating matter to me. I liked the cage and my girls liked it. I have since redone the cage completely.
i absolutely love the animal print.. how did you get your babies to use the potty area.. any tips or tricks.. i think my honey bee is a little too old to teach to use a potty area.. but i may be able to get my lamby kinz to use it.. very nice job
How anyone can rate this a 3, I'll never know. I think its excellent and I love the patern. I hope to eventually get the same.

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