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Kitchen Time!
x0 sarita

Kitchen Time! - Guinea Pig Cages

[I took this picture before I put all their toys/obstacle in--that's why it looks so bare]
Thumper always squeals and puts his paws up against the fridge to let me know he wants some food! lol it's so cute!
I'm a new piggy mom and try to use the kitchen for his floor time since it's the easiest to clean up. However I'm concerned about him getting under the stove or behind the fridge. Pip is only a little over 2 months old so he's still pretty small. Is that something that's ever happened to you?
Piggy Pip's Mom-
I would suggest putting up a grid or two in front of any space you think he might be able to get through. It is amazing what small spaces they can fit into if they really want to! So I say just be safe and prevent any possible issues.

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Free Range/Floor Time
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