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Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Daphne in the main kitchen area. Two water bottles with a terracotta stone under. The stone really helps with drippage and the pigs love to lay on it. One of their food bowls is there also, the other is on the opposite side of the cage.
Very cute pig. I love the water set-up. I was wondering if the bottles are high enough for them to drink out of... I'm sure they are, they just look kind of low to me.
Great cage - I love the other pictures of it as well :)
Thanks for the concern; They were alright, but I did end up moving them to another side of the cage where I could hang the bottles on the grid. It works a lot better this way, no sagging coroplast. :)
I really like your little kitchen. Although the bowel is the same one that I have and my GP chewed on the rubber no slip part and that concerned me so I took it off. You should make sure that your GP isn't chewing on that part also.

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