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Kipper & Tiger's cage - Kipper in the Timothy Loft

Kipper & Tiger's cage - Kipper in the Timothy Loft

Kipper is in the timothy hay loft. You can see the log cabin with the ramp leading to the loft. At the right of the loft is a baby alphabet block for chewing (which they don't chew) and on the left is a baby toy (which they don't play with). Oh well...
lol my pigs would LOVE your amount of hay....just walk and eat...walk and eat LOL

great job!
Hi there, you asked how I made my loft. I have a new cage now (still to post yet) but in this one it was only a single level so I mounted a shelf half way up. I used zip ties to attach one grid to walls in the corner of the cage. This cage had a cover so I also used two zip ties to form a loop and tie the unsupported corner of the loft to the roof of the cage. (It's not shown in this photo but I added it later as the shelf needed a bit more support.) I used coroplast to make a mini box so they weren't standing on the bare grid. Where the ramp came up to the loft I cut the wall of the box and folded it under so they didn't have to climb over anything to get in.

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