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Karen's Cavy Commorancy--ramp top

Karen's Cavy Commorancy--ramp top - Guinea Pig Cages

This is a view of the hinged top on my ramp. I am currently building my cage (as of 6/12/04), so that's why the piggies aren't in here yet. As you can see I'm almost finished. It's been a long process! Of course, I made it long because I HAD to have the biggest cage I could fit into my house... with
How did you convince your parents to let you build a cc cage? Im 15 and I need two cages.My mom is still skeptical though. Your pics are great by the way.
Well, I bought everything and moved the furniture to make room for it. I also showed them how much better it would be for the pigs. Also, it was cheap! I did all the work by myself over, well, two days for the one in these pics. It also takes time, just keep going! =) It usually works if you're really into it too. Just make sure you print a few pages to show them, it impresses them! Hope this helps.

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