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Karen's Cavy Commorancy--Hay Storage

Karen's Cavy Commorancy--Hay Storage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my future hay storage bin. I have been building my cage and it is under construction (as of 6/12/04). I made it out of Coroplast left over from the upper level of my cage. This way, the hay will be easy to access and close to the hay loft (the red on the top of the picture).
Also notice that aI have attached a door. It hinges with a few cable ties. It is just to keep hay from spilling out, and to keep my grass-loving doggie out! :)
You just gave me an idea. It's hard to have floor time when I'm cleaning the cage sometimes, so I like to have a place I can set her while I clean and then take her out for floortime... do you think this would work to set a guinea pig in while cleaning for a few minutes?
Of course! Actually, I leave mine in their cage during cleaning because they are on the floor I'm not cleaning. If grids are around it, it shouldn't be a problem!
O great, thanks, Furby really dislikes the smell of the vinigar water I use. The whole cleaning process really scares her, Im sure If I set something like it would make cleaning go a ton easier. Thanks!
Yes, that smell isn't my pigs' favorite, either. I have two levels, though, so it's not a problem. I hope everything goes well!
Love the coroplast box idea.
Looks like the perfect accessory to the Cavy home.
Can you please tell me how you made your box?
I'm wondering about the corners, have you taped the inside corners to hold them together, or are the ends cut taller and folded over to the inside? I'd like to make some like yours, figured I better ask before I go and mess up.
Yes, it's made just like a regular cage. That's what it is, really--just a 1x2 cage, with packing tape on the outside edges to hold it together. Just add the usual 6" border on each side, and you're done! :)

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