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Jaydan caught in the act

Jaydan caught in the act

I need to human "BABY PROOF" literally...lol. I had to completely redo my cage to keep my toddler out!!!
he climbs very well.... that time, I was in the other room for a minute, but I suspect he used the baby gate and climbed up on the first level and then the second level collapsed on him... when i heard it collapse, I knew what he was up to.
Trust me, he climbed the supergate. My kiddo started climbing that at a younger age than appreciated. Now, I use the supergate for piggy floortime, or let the neighbors borrow it until their one-year-old learns to climb it, too!!

My son will be 3 in March, and he's gotten much better with the piggies. He reaches in to pet them all the time, and moves their toys around just to see them run and popcorn. It's precious! :D Has your son tried eating the hay/pellets yet?
The guinea pigs love my son.... they get super excited when he comes up to the cage and they like to lick and nibble on his fingers when he sticks them through the cage. My son hasn't tried eating the guinea food yet, but he did stick a pellet of poo in his mouth once and I about freaked!
How cute! I am worried about mine doing that as well. He already gets into it and I am still in the developing stages. Too bad I don't have a way to baby gate the outside of it. Thanks for the awesome picture!

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