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IMG_3342 - Guinea Pig Cages

I made this hay rack out of a soda box and I just cut holes on the side so that they can easily get their hay. It's much better than using the hay racks that hang because no hay falls on the floor
Give it a few minutes with ravenous piggies, and I think the fleece will be covered in hay! :)
well I put this box in their "kitchen area" so it's only regular carefresh =) it would be a nightmare on the fleece!!
Miss Cin-"I do the same thing, except I put the entire soda box."

Me Too! except for when the hay starts to get the tiniest bit low on the open end they burrow themselves in there and soil everything then i have to throw away a good hay holder AND the ex-good now soiled hay. -rolls eyes- silly piggies!

~The gpig Lioness
guinea pigs are the only animal i've met that actually ENJOY peeing and pooping where they eat and sleep lol. How funny! And kind of gross :) But we love them anyway!

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