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House Rabbit Cage
Slap Maxwell

House Rabbit Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Yet another great cage!

I see Stitch sneaking into the picture! I hope Oliver isn't *too* fond of Stitch. ;)
Nice Cage!!!! It is a great sized cage and he also has free range---very lucky and I must say adorable bunny.
does ur bunny use the container with hay as litter tray? Im getting my bun tomorrow but not sure what to use in the litter tray as I do something bit different with my cavies cage & litter training. If they use the hay then that's awesome saves me money cos i already buy the hay ;)
Love the cage! I wish we could buy that kind of stuff here in sweden so I could build one of my own. Well if one of you guys is coming to sweden don't forget to bring some with you ;)
Skinny Pig
Nice cage! I wish I could make my rabbit a cage like this, but he is an outdoor rabbit because my mom has allergies. :(

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