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House O' coroplast

House O' coroplast - Guinea Pig Cages

My boyfriend made this 2 story hidy house out of the scrap pieces of coroplast left over after making our cages! My piggers love it!
thanks for all the nice comments, I would be more than happy to make any custom houses for anyone who would like one of any size or style. Email me if you are interested. ([email protected])
Thanks again!
I make houses just for fun for my pigs, whatever suits my fancy at the time I suppose :0)
I have made many custom houses for other people due to what they are looking for. Some houses serve purposes for 1>getting pigs off shavings to rest 2> ramps and excercise 3>Heights to go up and see mates in adjoining cages anything you are looking for really. I have included some pictures of recent houses with this email. Houses range anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the size and difficulty. Houses can be sent out pre-assembled which is most convienient for the reciever, but is higher in shipping costs. I can send them in pieces, which you can put together yourself, if you are talented with using the standard cable zip ties.
If you have access to the sheets of coroplast, they are really not to difficult to make yourself once you get used to the basics.

let me know if you are interested in anything or if you have any other questions


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