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Home made fleece snuggle sacks

Home made fleece snuggle sacks - Guinea Pig Cages

I made these from the instructions posted on here. They were fun to make, and the pigs like them alot! They also make for a great thing for my kids to hold them in.

Now I cant quit making them ;)
that's sooo cool!!I love your fleece! could you tell me the website where are the instructions on making one?
Here is the link with the instructions I have made two sets so far I like to have more then needed because they sometimes stay in them all snuggled up instead of going to their litter pan to pee! grrr
I am pretty sure I found this link on this site but who knows.
The instructions were very easy to follow...my first set I made with a flannel outter fabrid and the left over fleece from their cage inside. The second has fleece inside with just a cute pattern regular material and both hold up the same and are used just the same by both pigs.
awesome! i love it!!! I'm going to get to work on one of those! Thanks for posting the instructions as well!!

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