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Herbs and wheat grass on a balcony

Herbs and wheat grass on a balcony - Guinea Pig Cages

Ok so its really just a fire escape in my apartment but I didnt have anywhere else!! Im getting dandelions tomorrow to plant. Hoorah! I need some more parsley plants too... and some more basil. (I like to use the basil for my pesto... not enough in this household to go around!!!) This is some wheatg
I've got 2 hanging baskets of cilantro, 1 of sweet basil, and 1 of mint! I plan on starting some parsley and maybe some lettuce next week. I LOVE your wheatgrass idea! I'll have to look into doing some of that as well :)
Shanks PiggyPuppyLove! I couldn't believe how cheeeep wheat grass is to do... It was $1.30 a kilogram at a health food store... (is that about two pounds?). Soak overnight, rinse then chuck a nice layer down on some soil and cover it with wet newspaperfor a day or two, water daily...in a week hey presto its LAWNMOWING TIME!!!! LOL

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