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Hay zone

Hay zone - Guinea Pig Cages

This is a cardboard box from which I cut out an entrance and added megazorb and some hay. I used a wire fruit bowl for a hay rack and attached it to the grids with a cable tie. I change the hay in the box daily so they have fresh hay to lie and play in.
I put quite a bit of megazorb in so it shouldn't do but I will keep checking. I only made it yesterday but I plan to make one out of coroplast and a little bigger. I just wanted to see if they would like it and how messy it would be but it doesn't make a lot of mess.
Very cute! How many piggies do you have? 'Cause I see a lot in this picture but on the other pictures I see even more! Looks like a big happy family!
They all look so cute! I use the same thing but the pee ruins the box, I change the box once a week (when I clean the cage). I use coke boxes though, my dad drinks it ALOT so yeah. =P
I do the same thing but I make my boxes out of coroplast, I love them because they only pee in the carefresh that I put in the boxes.
I love the idea! It looks easy to do and you can always throw the box away and star with a new one! Great Job!

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