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Hay rack

Hay rack - Guinea Pig Cages

Is the pink bin under the hay rack the litter box? I have tried so hard to litter train my piggy but she is just too stubbourn!
Yes the pink basin is the litter tray! The idea is that whilst munching happily on hay, the piggies will poop happily from the other end (into the litter tray!) It works! (though not exclusively - they do go elsewhere too - but I have three basins - two under hay racks, the other in their favorite hidey spot.)

Make sure you have food in the corner (ie. a hay rack) above your litter tray, so that they spend some time in there, and don't want to go and find another corner to poop in!
This was in their old cage - it did make a bit of a mess - but perhaps being on an angle - wasn't unbearable! I used to put a fiddlestick 'bridge' from the basin - which helped a bit.

I put a brick infront of this basin hayrack entrance in their new cage - which makes a huge difference!

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Hay Racks
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