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Hay rack out of bent grid & chicken wire

Hay rack out of bent grid & chicken wire

We went through a lot of different ideas for our hay rack. We wanted something to hold a lot of hay for the piggies, as they really like it, but we also wanted something to hold it up a bit, and yet be safe. We aren't sure of the age of our two piggies, but they are small. DH bent this grid and l
I forgot to add that we did use one inch wire, and tested to make sure piggies heads wouldn't fit through it. Our piggies are currently around 400 grams or so.
The chicken wire is to prevent cavies from getting their heads stuck in the grids of the hay rack but yet still allows easy access to the hay. As long as there is no parts of the chicken wire sticking out that a cavy can get poked on, this is a sufficient method of babyproofing a hayrack and would not be bad practice.
I like this! I've been considering making a hay rack out of a bent grid, but have been concerned about mine jumping into the rack (they like to jump!) and possibly getting a leg or foot stuck in the holes. I might have to try this!

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