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Hanging Basket Hayrack

Hanging Basket Hayrack - Guinea Pig Cages

I was wondering around a local garden centre when I noticed this hanging flower basket which could rest against a wall. I thought this would be a great hayrack and its proved to be a great success! :)
That is a fantastic idea. I would have to cover it though - as I have a pig who loves nothing better than to climb up and lie in the hayrack! I will look out for one, as I could do with a third rack! Great! :)
thats a great idea, none of my piggies are climbers but if yours are you should cover it so they cant climb in and potty in their hay.
Had a look in the garden centre today - and found a similar hanging basket, but some of the holes looked piggy-head sized, I wouldn't want anyone to accidentally get stuck. What a shame, as it is such a cool idea.
Ohhh thats a shame. My smallest piggy Strawberry used to try and fit through but shes too big now hehe. They eat fine from it now :)
What I personally did for a hay rack, was I got a cereal box. Put the opened end where you pour the cereal flap and poked 2 holes to run a cable tie to the grid of the cage, then i covered the Cheerio Sign with construction paper and decorated it to match the cage. I then poked two starter holes near the bottom front and cut a rectangle for the pigs to get the hay. I filled the top of the cereal box with the hay and pushed it to the bottom where the hole is. My pigs LOVE IT! Plus they dont poop in it and it doesnt get stinky. And they dont make a mess with it everywhere.Now I know that the pigs like to roll around in it, but i have made cuddle cups, and purchased extra pigloo's so they have tons of room to hide in. So if you want a less messy way to give hay to your pig, give it a try. Works Great

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