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hammocks, tunnels, and logs, oh my

hammocks, tunnels, and logs, oh my - Guinea Pig Cages

Our babies love new toys.
Woah. That is a lot of piggies! Is it hard to take care of them all? I have four. One of your piggies looks JUST like mine! The brown and white one (darker brown). =]
Yes, we had just one and rescued 5 more this week. It isn't hard taking care of them at all. With a large cage, I don't have to clean it near as often as with a store bought. They are all males, so lots of testosterone flying in there. We upgraded to a 2x6 b/c no larger would fit against the wall. Id like for them to have a couple more cubes long, but theres not enough room. Still, their much better off than they were before we picked the poor things up.
I LOVE it! but it looks abit small, but I do understand I can only have a 3 by 3 for my two piggies because of space. =(
That's small for the number of piggies but it's a cute cage, well done!

I like the ginger aby personally =)
I have 7 pigs so i am right there with you! lol Your pigs are the cutest and i am guessing they are all female?
Very cute pigs! I think the cage is a bit on the small side for that many boars though. I have 4 in a 3x5, and if I had room to go bigger I would. Is there a reason why no hideys?
cute piggies!!! i have had 5 then 2 died :(i then adopted 2 a male and female and a month later adopted a brother and sister to find a week later that the first female is pregnant so i'm have my hands full :)

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