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Hairballie watching telly with daddy
Princess Aurora

Hairballie watching telly with daddy

This is what I saw when I entered the room two days ago: Hairballie and my husband watching some telly together! lol the cutest thing! I quickly went for the cam and made this pic ;-)
Princess Aurora
Hahaha! everyone tells me they love those pillow cases lol

Very cute! Hairballie watches telly with her daddy almost every night like this :D
My boyfriend and I adopted our Charlie (mainly because I wanted her so badly), but he wont let me take pictures of him with her :( I have to sneak them. It must not be manly enough for him!
Princess Aurora
Haha!! Well, my husband is all the way around that your boyfriend, Deenanicole08.

He *loves* the piggies so much, loves to cuddle with them, to spend time with them lol
I'm split down the middle between you and Deenanicole08. My boyfriend likes her and lets her sit on his lap for a bit as well as goes up to her cage to give her a pat here and there but he still gets fustrated that they are skittish and that you can't play with them like you would a dog.
Princess Aurora
Well, all piggies got different personalities, and although Hairballie is not an easy piggie to deal with, she has a special link with my husband, she relaxes much more with him, sleeps on his lap, give him kisses, etc, although sometimes she gives him some bites aswell lol

You have to approach to your piggies talking so they know you are there, try to first caress them inside the cage while you talk to them, eventually they won't run away anymore and they'll learn to trust you two :D
Princess Aurora
Oh yes! He really loves Hairballie like his daughter ^^ We love the three of them, but my husband really has a special link with Hairballie lol

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