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guineas in open cage

guineas in open cage - Guinea Pig Cages

My gorgeous guineas exploring their newly re-arranged cage.
Oh! Where did you get that kind of mesh grids? If it was online, or if the store has a website, could you give me the address. I want to bulid a hamster cage or a new cage for my birds, and those are the first mesh grids that I have seen without the hole next to where the connectors go.
I love this cage! The red water bottles are very cute (my favorite color is red). Where'd you get them?
I see you have a tub of hay in there...also a hay rack. Is the tub for hay eating, or do they do thier business in there?
The hay is for eating but they do there business in there aswell (they seem to do that everywhere). I change the tub of hay every other day.

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