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Girls new loft for feeding

Girls new loft for feeding - Guinea Pig Cages

I just added a 1x3 loft for 2 bin feeder and 2 water bottles. One water bottles for each side of the cubes. I used 3 bent grids for their ramps and the daisy flower material to cover the holes. i put one brick under the ramp to lift it up a bit. they all love it.
I also got fleece from walmart for 2.74 a yard. I have a pic up for the boys and the details are on their pics.
Wow! :) how do yo find the time for all of your piggies? is that all females on the big side and then all males on the small side?
yup you got that right. I only work 5 or 6 hour days. Im home most of the time so is my husband.
hehehehe. How cute. not happening. All my girls are so cute. see all the pigtures sometimes. https://angelscavies.photosite.com/cavies/.
Stitsy, You can teach them to go up the ramp. Put your pig on the top level and leve him there and he will eventually learn to walk down and realize that its save also you can put peices of veggies up the ramp and he will go up and eat as he goes up.

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