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Girls cage

Girls cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I took the litterbox out because the girls were using the hay room instead...
Wonderful cage!
I bought like 4 packs of those grids when my Silly and Tilly were babies, but afterwards it was just so weird to look at, so I switched back to regular grids. How do you like those grids?
I bought them because I adopted a pregnant piggy, but she just passed away last weekend. I actually like them. I think it looks nicer than the white ones I had before, I guess it all depends.
What an awesome cage! The grids make it looks so clean and neat -- don't know why. Love the idea for a hayroom.
Oh.My.Gosh.I Love the grids. They are so...Oh.My.Gosh. I love them. Hayroom! Really smart and the ramp is awesome! Good job and lucky piggies.
Wonderful! I love it! Where did you get those grids? I can only find the open grid white and black.
I got them from linens n things. I like them much better than the regular grids...they keep mess in better too.
This is so cool, I esspecially love the seperate room for their hay, keeps the cage cleaner. *thumbs up*
Cool hammock idea too.

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