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Gingers Loft
saltwater cavy

Gingers Loft - Guinea Pig Cages

top view of my C&C cage
i dont like the carpet is very fluffy and you dont have nice colors the newspaper is horible i dont have something with you but it sucks
You may want to add a side to the top level, piggies can fall accidentlly. Don't they pee on the carpet? Newspaper isn't a good bedding because it can get soilded very quickly, have you tried fleece bedding? I use it and it is amazing. Also why don't you get your piggie a friend? They are social animals who love too interact with others of their kind, and your cage is HUGE! You could definatly house another pig in there! Your pig must LOVE you for all this space, just make sure it's piggie-friendly!

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saltwater cavy
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