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Gingers Loft
saltwater cavy

Gingers Loft - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my first attempt at making a cage... Thanks for the help... I love the flexibility of the wire cubes...

PLEASE.... let me know if you see anything in there that needs to go... I don't want any choking hazzards for my sweetie...
Is there anything under the newspaper to protect her feet from the wires in the loft level? I don't think newspaper alone provides enough protection.
no... I plan on laying down coroplast tonight... she hasn't been up there on her own yet... she's still getting use to the place

what about that pink faux fur, is that safe???
It's nice and big! I like the reuse of the older cage too!
A few things, you should cover your upper level with something thicker than newspaper, coroplast would be a good idea. Also, she may jump off the sides of your upper level, to your bottom, so putting up another grid to cover that would be good. You probably will want to get coroplast. Even though your cage is very large, with the blankets being the way they are it doesn't look like there is a whole lot of room for running around. The pink faux fur is probably safe, as long as she doesnt eat it. Although, I imagine after it being pooped and peed on quite a bit it might get ruined. one more thing, just make sure she can't eat the CareFresh bag, I know my piggies would have that destroyed if I kept it that close to them! :) I think you did a good job, but if you want more feedback I suggest starting a thread in the forum on your cage.
Thanks for the great info. I was hoping someone would get me on the right track. I'll start a thread today.

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