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Gerbil Burrow

Gerbil Burrow - Guinea Pig Cages

75 gallon tank coverted into a gerbil burrow for 2 female gerbils. Burrow mix consists of shredded cardboard, shredded toilet paper, Carefresh, empty cardboard boxes and toilet paper tubes.
How often do you have to clean the burrowing tank and fill it with new stuff? I am interested in getting some gerbils and finding out information about how to care for them.
Do they actually dig around in it?
And it would be a big mess if you found out something happened to one of them and you had to go digging through it all, I would never do it but it looks great and is a good idea to encourage your gerbils natural behaviors!!
Those are some seriously spoiled gerbils! They're lucky to have a devoted slave like you :)
That is really cool, I wish I could do something that cool with the two Mice I am planning on getting in a week or two. But sadly I only have the space for a regular tank for them :( but I am planning on getting them each a play ball to run around in so they can be spoiled a little in their tank and outside too. I am thinking of getting some tubes like that for my tank an putting some ropes through em so the girls can climb if they feel like hopefully I can find somewhere to buy them thats not too expensive.

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