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full view - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the full view of my boys' cage.
There are many things I love about your cage, Amanda. First I love the fact that it's a closed cage but you were able to add a loft. I think you have to be more creative with additions on closed cages. Also, I love the stand you built to support the cage. The rattan baskets fit perfectly in there and give it a nice, polished look. Lastly, you know I love that ramp! LOL It looks fantastic overall!

Oh but I do have a question for you - is it difficult to clean the loft with it closed off like that on all sides? Are there doors that open up that allow you to clean?
The loft actually is easiest to clean since it is pretty much at shoulder level to me. For the "lid" I just connected two grids together and cable tied them along the back to the existing cage frame. That way, it hinges open like a regular linen-shelving lid, and I can just "swoop" in and change their bedding (which I have yet to sew...don't remind me, lol!). It's the bottom half that's more of a pain now that it's closed off more, believe it or not!
Great cage! I actually modeled mine after yours - except mine is a 2x3. You can see photos of it in my gallery :)

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