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Front View

Front View - Guinea Pig Cages

I have 2 piggies that simply adore their new cage. They previously were in a small pet store cage that was inadequate for even one guinea pig. My boys popcorned non-stop for 30 minutes when first entering their new home. Oreo, my black cavy, used to be so reserved in the old cage. Now he is as a
This is an amazing cage! Very well done! There is so much space for the piggies to run around in! I really do love it!
I just built the same thing. We have three piggies anticipating their new home. I think I am as excited as they are... well maybe it's just me. I have the coroplast and need to trim to fit tonight and next project is the ramp.
May I ask the dimensions on your coroplast?
I'm working on building a new cage for my piggies and I'm going off your idea, because I love it.
I'm trying to figure out how high i can/need to make the sides, and how much i'll have left over for the loft.
What size sheet did you use? A 4' x 8'? or more than that?


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