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Front view of cage

Front view of cage - Guinea Pig Cages

My gp's cage is in my living room.
I have two right now, but soon I will have three or four. According to cavy cages, I can have four in this cage.
I want to add a large second layer like that to my cage but I'm just wondering how it is for stability. Doesn't the top level buckle in the middle? I'm agraid if I make one like that, the top level will fall down

Oh, but GREAT cage
If you look at other pics of the same cage, you will see a bent grid underneath the corner of the loft. It provides stability.
I'm just starting to litter train them this week. I put poos in the litter boxes and I will start putting food in there, too. So far they're not buying it. If you do a forum search you should be able to find more information.

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