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Frappie's New Little Home 1

Frappie's New Little Home 1 - Guinea Pig Cages

I put together Frappie's new area today, so she can have more room to move around.
I already had some idea cubes from years ago, and used zip ties to put everything together, and used corner brackets, and shelf poles to try to sturdy everything up. I found an old wire shelving unit, and was able to
it's kind of natural for rabbits to want to pee in the same place, so you just put a litter pan in the place she likes to go, and she'll keep using it. but, they do still leave pellets places to mark territory and stuff.
Cute rabbit, is she staying in this cage? Ours climb out (like spider man up the grids). Our bunnies are sneaky like that. We have a "play pen" for them that is similar (also 2 grids tall) but we had to add a top.

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