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Floor Time

Floor Time - Guinea Pig Cages

Twice a week or so we will cover the hallway floor with towels, pour hay on top put some toys and one or two hidey houses and let them run around.
looks good, but I dont think a hallway is the best place to have there floortime, also all the doors are open to the other rooms!
I think it looks great, sure there are some doors but as long as you make sure no one opens them it'll be fine. And twice a week is better than nothing. :/ I'm just rating the set up, not how much it gets set up.
The hallway is a great place for floortime! just check cavyspirit.com, it is impractical in some homes. I use my mini hallway at night, less grids to use that way. My daughter likes to watch the guinea pigs while she falls asleep, I justput grids up in front o her door.

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