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Floor time!

Floor time! - Guinea Pig Cages

Oh my..the piggers are running everywhere! I actually had 5 girls, and I was piggie-sitting 2 other girls for a month. This picture only shows 6, but I have one more girl hiding somewhere.
they literally have their floor time 24/7 because I keep the cage door opened. They only come out all at once because they heard the sound of the refrigerator door opening, and they thought they were going to get some veggies.

and yeah they pee and poop everywhere! I made these paperbox houses and put them around the room, and I put several layers of fleece underneath the houses. that doesn't stop the pee going all the way down to the carpet, I still get pee stains on the carpet all over the place. the best i can do is vacuum all the time.
awwwww, they are so cute especially the orange one. Look at her face =) I'd love to have my piggies running around like that

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