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first guinea cage for my first two guineas!!

first guinea cage for my first two guineas!! - Guinea Pig Cages

The guineas havent moved in yet but its all done and ready for our new arrivals!!! This cage will hold two 3 month old female guinea pigs. For my first attempt at this whole building an animal home i think it went pretty well.. let me know what you think!
Thats pretty good :) just make sure they wont be able to fit through the grids, because of their age and size. Also make sure all the TV and such wires stay far far out of reach.
thanks for the advice... so far they seem to like their cage and those wires in the pic are all gone... just some pre guinea wires from using the vacuum. The only problem im having now is I seem to be having some bad luck wtih water bottles!
Your new piggies are going to be very lucky! I really like your cage. I am wanting to make another level on my cage- it is a 2 grids x 4 grids cage.
I REALLY like it, i love how it fits around the furniture. not in the way but still in plain sight.

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