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First C&C Cage

First C&C Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is build with cubes from Target, linolium instead of chorolplast for my one cavy Kiwi. She just loves the space of this cage, and I build it bymyself, I'm only 13! My dad helped with the linolium, though, since its hard to do by yourself.
Thank you. I tried my best to make her the biggest cage possible for my small room already cluttered with rat cages...hehe :D
I think it's lovely! Fantastic to have a responsible young pet owner. *high five*
Oh my, wonderful cage! I have a guinea pig that looks like yours (if that's yours in the picture) except all white and her name is Kiwi! Very cute(=
Oh geez I didn't notice this before either but I'm 13, my name is Alex, and I have a guinea pig named Kiwi. We must be twins... haha.
Thats funny...but now I'm 14...lol. Yes, that is Kiwi in the picture, my guinea pig.

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