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First Attempt at C&C Cage

First Attempt at C&C Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This was my fist try at a C&C Cage. My fiance and sister helped me build it and when I put Patch in there, he ran laps and popcorned all night. He's getting a new buddy this weekend, too, so he will not be so lonely. The ramp has been changed to a wider one, so he wont fall off. It really wasn't
So awesome! I love the red coro.

My first C&C cage was nowhere near this good. Excellent job!
What a great looking cage. I too am working on my first C&C cage and I think my biggest obstacle is the ramp--I am building one out of smooth plywood, outdoor carpet, a few nails and gorilla glue. I am gong to cover the outside with matching coroplast (and this because I am so NOT handy! God, what the love for your piggies does to a person!). The red coroplast with the black grids is very striking!

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