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Finished This Part

Finished This Part - Guinea Pig Cages

First cage. Planning on building upper level.
Why did you close it off so much? The top looks unstable, you should connect the grids together better.
Well as I said...I am not finished. The top I made myself until I am able to make the second level.
Looks good! I like the water bottles, did you make them yourself? I'm sure it's going to look even better when you get the second floor. I agree with Cavy Cuckoo on the fact that it's probably not so good to cover the cage so much, but I'm sure you'll fix that with your new design. I was also wondering how well does it work to have your girls so low to the ground. As I was reading some comments on the forum, it seems like a lot of people don't like to have the pigglets that far from them - I guess to me it's better to have them higher of the ground and closer to you. It's very easy to get them a bit higher with just 4 or 6 more cube sections. But, hey, different strokes for different folks (something like that) - I do like your cage, though!
I didnt liek the ceiling part.

THose bottles are Superpet FlatBac. I have one myself, but i do not fully recommend it, the holder is very fragile, and it cost alot
WOW awesome!! but right now it dosen't look like it could support another level.

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