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Finished Cage...

Finished Cage... - Guinea Pig Cages

Here's the finished product after putting in coroplast and another level. Made the ramp out of balsa wood and then hot-glued felt on it for grip and comfort. I'm really quite proud of it. :)
i love your cage and the ramp is awesome. I would be afraid of mine pushing one another off the side of the ramp though.
Ive noticed that you have one of those nutty treat bars. They aren't good for piggies because of the extra fat and nuts which are a choking hazard. An experienced person would now more about this but that is what I learned.
This looks like my cage soo much! I have the same shade of pink fleece. The same color chube. The same color litterbox and I want to get a second level too! Same size cage too!

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