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Final Version

Final Version - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is the final version. I redid the staircase so the base area was more open.
I'm getting into reptiles now for some reason. You should see the lizard lounge I'm making! thanks again for the compliment. My girls really lounge about in here. I'm waiting for a couple cushy comforters I ordered recently. Kinda cold in their room lately, and though they love to sleep in a bed of hay, they keep eating it before morning!
that is awesome. I would love to build something like that for my cutes. they would be sooooo happy!!!
Not really. There are only two cavies in there. They pee in 4 places only it seems, one in particular. So I clean those spots every couple days and the others when needed. Access is pretty easy all over, so not hard to clean. The screen doors to the third levels open too. Thanks. Andy
You guys! Thanks so much. My girl Cindy is getting too fat in here. At least she has to climb about. That's some exercise. They got their Cuddle Cups and love them, but they poop and sometimes pee in them, which is disturbing. They are really happy. I want to introduce one more young female. Think they'll accept an underling?

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