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Final Steps

Final Steps

As you can see, I decided to have a landing and turn in the steps. This merely had to do with my layout, if the stairs are running along the side of a cage it makes much more sense to run them straight on up.

To make the landing, I merely added another 6\\\" piece of the 1x2 to the end of one
Looks very nice! But my pigs like to "zoom" up their flat ramp. I'm not sure if they could run up these.
I have something similar and they just don't fall off - they look where they are going and it isn't ever a problem, even if there is a bit of a rush on and everyone is on the stairs together - they just follow the usual rules of who is boss!
I love this design it could work well with my cage, adding a second story hidaway loft with a view. My femaile is a little skittish so i would have to add railing, but my Rex is a pure bull,he dosent run!

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