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Fey and Sprite's cage

Fey and Sprite's cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I can't get a pic of the long view, but it is 2w x 4l x 2h with a 1x4 shelf. The girls are 1.5 year old dwarf hotot rescues. They get lots of free time twice a day, and will hopefully get even more if they get along with my other pair after being spayed.
Oh, and they have straw mats on order. I had to declare what was left of their last one biohazard.
The floor is concrete/fiber board (meant for use with tiles) with laminate tiles that have good traction.
That gives my inspration! If it's okay, I'm copying you! I'm trying to move my rabbit indoors, how much space does it take up?
Yes, move your rabbit inside! Each grid is 14 inches, so that cage is 28 inches wide and 56 inches long. You can build these cages to fit in corners and such, so you should be able to fit at least a 2x3 grid cage somewhere. That's the bare minimum for a small (dwarf) or medium-sized rabbit (like a dutch or a mini lop). Just ask on the forum for advice.
What? Really? I do rabbit rescue and IMO that's a great cage for two dwarf buns who get daily playtime. So what are your standards?

Anyway, if you're that upset, this is what they got moved to when I bought my house a few months later:

Oh, and bunnymom, they never touched the support. It's a super thick cardboard tube and since it's perfectly smooth they never bothered with it. Why work hard to chew that when they could chew the nicer toys right next to it?

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