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Favorite spots

Favorite spots - Guinea Pig Cages

This picture shows some of my girl's favorite snuggle spots. they love their hayrack setup in the corner, then the small fleecy cushion is a top spot. The pink fleecy butterfly cushion is new - but the girls are prefering more and more to sleep on cushions, and fleece ones wick the pee away, provin
I love this setup - My piggies have a similar item to your pigwam, but it is a hidey for ferrets! Thanks for all the ideas!
I've been looking at all your pics, and you have come a long way, and have given me some wonderful ideas for my own piggies. I only have boys, so I will do amuch more masculine theme of course :).... but you have a wondrful set up!
I swapped the froggy fleece for some Scottish goodies with an old member from the forum! I think it came from 'joannes' - not sure if they ship to the UK. 'Planetfleece' online is a good place for cool fleece more locally!
Where did you get everything you got here? I want them all!! I know where you got the fleece but the others, explain! I love it!!
The holey tub was from Woolworths about a year ago and I attached little fiddlesticks to the top, the basin was an Au Natural bargain, the flowery cushion came from there too, and the butterfly one was from Tesco - again a good while ago. The cozy came from Thistle cavies, who are a Scottish rescue - with a fundraising shop! The brick came from my garden! lol

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