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Exterior Ramp

Exterior Ramp

Exterior ramp doesn't take up precious lap running space, and allows second entrance to loft floor
Hey All! Quick update, I got a tip to cover the ramp, so I did! I used one piece of fleece and clipped it on here and there.

ALSO! If you're remodeling, consider placing this ramp at the BACK wall of the cage. It will be a nicer longer slope (3 grids,) and will still be just as functional as mine shown here. It only sticks out about 6"- so really not bad if up against the wall.
Love your cage! So cute. Do your piggies kick poop out due to no coro sides?
@mama_ TY & yes! I had to baby-proof, so I did end up putting a coro lip around each floor- but prior to that and even now poos get flung!
Hi there I was wondering if you could tell me how you made your ramp? What it's made from and how it's attached to the cage? I really like this idea because it saves so much space. Thank you so much!

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