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Easy Ramps, #02

Easy Ramps, #02

2 bent grids form the structure.
The lower grid has no slope. The upper grid only has a 2-hole slope. The steps are easy for guinea pigs to navigate and the slope is gentle--not scary.
dose it work for rabbit ? how many grids need for it my cage is 2 L and 4 W do i need to make it bigger for the ramp ?
Hi minirex85,

If you have buns they will not need a ramp unless they are dwarves. I have a mini rex (5-6lb) and a two tier cavy castle (spoiled) with an attached playard. I have no ramps at all. Him and his mate jump from one level to another - it's great exercise for them.

I also hang Parrot toys with big bells on them. My minirex loves to run back and forth to ring the bell.

Another play toy I use is a cardboard cement tube that you can get at home depot. I cut it down to about 3 feet and stuff hay into the middle of it. You can also use this as a bridge from one section of the cage to another (like a loft).

I use wood stove pellets (cheap) for the litterbox with a bit of white paper (cross-cut shredded) on top for fluff. The wood pellets soak up the urine and prevent any smells. The buns like to play with the fluff.

Okay so I added a bit more to the question but I love my buns!

Momma to 'puppy' & 'samone'
do u cover it? Nice idea, but I would be scared they would break their foot walking down that wire...but I'm pretty sure you'd cover it, just left it like that for the picture, maybe...

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