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Easy one piece coroplast hidey house

Easy one piece coroplast hidey house

I made this hidey house of of extra coroplast. I cut it out in the shape of a cross, scored around the central rectangle, and notched the sides of each arm of the cross so that when bent down, the sides lock together. No need for tape or glue or zip ties to hold the hidey house together. It holds it
Just wanted to add that this picture was taken while Tanuki was in quarantine. He lives in a 2x4 C&C cage now.
Nope. It's made of the same coroplast as the bottom of the cage, and they don't chew that either. I guess they aren't big chewers - one pig tries to chew the top of his pigloo from the inside sometimes, but that's about it.
Thanks Judy! :)

Since the boys moved in together, they usually get this house for floor time now. You can't see in this picture, but there is a door in the side that the towel is covering too.

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